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Testing New Sqoop Channel for Business News

September 27, 2016

Today Sqoop gives journalists information about businesses from SEC filings, patent applications and grants, and federal court records. Knowing that there are certain companies and sectors you’re interested in hearing from, today we’ll begin testing a new source of news tips: the businesses themselves. read more

Searching in Metropolitan Areas

March 28, 2016

Its not unusual for corporations in the United States to be physically located well outside the limits of any city they may be best associated with. Consider tech parks and rural campuses. Individual zip codes, cities, counties or even state borders may be insufficient to represent a reporter’s geographic interests. It was with this in mind that... read more

Announcing Geographic Search with Location Filters

March 11, 2016

Today we are pleased to release geographic search features in the form of location filters. We’ve received quite a few requests for these features, in particular from reporters who’s beats cover particular geographic areas like Pennsylvania or Silicon Valley. A location filter consists of one of the following kinds of criteria: read more

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