Electromagnetic shielding of compact electronic modules

Utility Patent Application (A1)

June 10, 2021

Source: USPTO via Sqoop

Applicants: Apple Inc.

Inventors: Colleen F. Mischke, Kayo Yanagisawa, Yazan Z. Alnahhas

An electronic module includes a circuit substrate including conductive pads interconnected by traces, including a ground pad for connection to an electrical ground. One or more electronic components are mounted on the circuit substrate. A housing including a dielectric material is mounted on the circuit substrate so as to cover the one or more electronic components. A metal lead, which has first and second ends, is embedded in the dielectric material such that the first end contacts the ground pad on the circuit substrate when the housing is mounted on the circuit substrate, and the second end is exposed at an outer surface of the dielectric material. A conductive coating is disposed over the outer surface of the housing in galvanic contact with the exposed second end of the metal lead.