Utility Patent Application (A1)

June 10, 2021

Source: USPTO via Sqoop

Applicants: Google LLC

Inventors: Liana Kong, John Jordan Nold, Sahana Mysore, Ruiyi Song

The disclosure describes techniques for interacting with visitors at a visitor interaction system. A method includes obtaining video data captured by the visitor interaction system, identifying an approach of a person, and analyzing the video data to determine an identity of the person. The method includes automatically and without user intervention determining that the person belongs to a visitor groups of a plurality of visitor groups. Each of the visitor groups corresponds to a response model that includes a plurality of response actions. At least one of the response actions includes an autonomous response action. The method includes identifying a response model corresponding to the visitor groups and initiating an autonomous response action associated with the response model. Initiating the autonomous response action including presenting a message to the person, monitoring a response to the message, and sending a report message to the user via a client device.