Utility Patent Application (A1)

October 15, 2020

Source: USPTO via Sqoop

Applicants: Apple Inc.

Inventors: Timothy S. LUI, Osamu YABE, Zebinah P. MASSE, Clayton J. MCCOY, Benjamin A. STEVENSON, Hsiang Hung CHEN

A stretchable watch band can include braided strands that provide a comfortable fit around the wrist of the user. The watch band can stretch and conform to the user based on the elasticity within each strand and based on the ability of the strands to move relative to each other. End sections of the watch band can include attachment elements that securely connect the watch band to a housing of the watch. The end sections can be configured to releasable connect to the housing in a manner that is reliable and easy for a user. Additionally, the watch band can provide a smooth transition from the size and/or shape of the housing to a size and/or shape of a continuous section of the watch band. Additionally, the watch band can conceal portions thereof other than the braided strands when connected to the housing of the watch.