Utility Patent Application (A1)

March 14, 2019

Source: USPTO via Sqoop

Applicants: Apple Inc.

Inventors: Scott A. MYERS, James B. SMITH, Dale T. MORGAN, Shayan MALEK

An interposer for mechanically and electrically connecting two circuit boards is described. The interposer can be bent to enclose an area of a circuit board. The interposer can include a first layer external to the enclosed area. The first layer can be conductive and can serve as an EMI shield. The interposer can also include a second layer internal to the enclosed area. The second layer can be non-conductive but can carry multiple discrete pins that can electrically couple the first and second circuit boards and provide signal transmission pathways between the circuit boards. The interposer can be formed by folding a sheet of conductive material having different cutout regions that forms a comb pattern into multiple stacked layers. Then, the bent regions that connect the stacked layers can be removed so that the conductive bars in the comb patterns can be separated and isolated to form discrete pins.