First-screen navigation with channel surfing, backdrop reviewing and content peeking

Utility Patent Grant (B2)

September 14, 2021

Source: USPTO via Sqoop

Assignees: Google LLC

Inventors: Craig Murray

A method is implemented at an Internet-connected remote control device for reviewing content channels on an Internet-connected display device that is associated with the remote control device via a user account maintained at a server. In response to receiving a user actuation of a user button, the remote control identifies a first Internet content channel that is currently being displayed on the display device, and obtains a preferred channel list including a sequence of Internet content channels that is associated with the user account and includes the first Internet content channel. The remote control then identifies a second Internet content channel that follows the first Internet content channel in the preferred channel list, and transmits to the server a first channel change message including information of the second Internet content channel to cause the Internet-connected display device to display media content provided by the second content channel.