Network visualization service

Utility Patent Grant (B2)

February 23, 2021

Source: USPTO via Sqoop

Assignees: Amazon Technologies, Inc.

Inventors: Gregory Jonathan Kempe, Ronen Dov Agranat, Malcolm Featonby, Joshua Mentz, Timothy Ralph Sjoberg, Willem Jacob Buys

A network visualization service may auto-generate graphical, dynamic, and interactive network diagrams of the infrastructure (resource instances, connections, etc.) of clients' virtual private networks as implemented on a provider network. A network diagram may include representations of various virtualized components of a client's virtual private network, as well as relationships among and connections between and among the various components. The diagram may also display logical and/or geographical groupings of the virtual resources in the client's virtual private network. The service may track changes to the virtual private network and update the diagram accordingly. The diagram may provide a user interface via which the client may select particular graphical objects on diagram to display additional information about a respective resource instance or connection and/or to change the client's virtual private network configuration via the network diagram.