Block device emulation for data snapshots

Utility Patent Grant (B1)

January 14, 2020

Source: USPTO via Sqoop

Assignees: Amazon Technologies, Inc.

Inventors: Mahmood Miah, Matthew James Eddey, John Sandeep Yuhan

A snapshot analysis system analyzes a plurality of data snapshots taken in connection with data stored on a block device allocated by a data storage system. The snapshot analysis system may include an ingestor capable of initially detecting new snapshots and adding a root node for the snapshots. The system may include a block device analyzer that analyzes each snapshot to determine its contents, the relationship within data structures extant within the snapshot, and the snapshot's relationship to other snapshots and/or that of other block devices. The system may also include a clustering analyzer capable of determining whether snapshots are associated with multipart block devices, such as LVM or MD-RAID devices. The system may further include a block device emulator that exposes data associated with a given snapshot as an addressable block device without necessitating retrieval or exposure of the full block device to which the snapshot is associated.