Ubiquitous access to FEMTO-connected network

Utility Patent Grant (B2)

September 10, 2019

Source: USPTO via Sqoop

Assignees: Apple Inc.

Inventors: Eric W. Parsons, Philippe Reininger, Saso Stojanovski, Barnaba Barnowski

A system and method of enabling a mobile device to communicate with a local IP network host and an external IP network host using a femto cellular access point on a femto cellular access network. A local gateway is coupled to the femto cellular access network for receiving data packets transmitted on the femto cellular access network and for routing the data packets to one of a local IP network and an external IP network, based on a destination address associated with the data packets. The femto cellular access network includes an LTE network, an EVDO network connected to an EPC, or a WiMax 802.16e/m network connected to the EPC.