Methods and apparatus to support emergency services connectivity requests through untrusted wireless networks

Utility Patent Grant (B2)

August 13, 2019

Source: USPTO via Sqoop

Assignees: Apple Inc.

Inventors: Krisztian Kiss, Rohan C. Malthankar, Vikram Bhaskara Yerrabommanahalli, Rafael L. Rivera-Barreto

Apparatus and methods to support emergency services through untrusted wireless networks by a user equipment (UE) are disclosed. The UE detects a request for emergency services to be provided via an untrusted wireless network. The UE de-registers from any non-emergency services and releases any existing PDN connections. The UE sends a request for emergency services to an evolved packet data gateway (ePDG) at an Internet Protocol (IP) address obtained from a table or from a domain name system (DNS) server. The request includes an indication for emergency services using a configuration attribute assigned to indicate emergency services. The UE receives from the ePDG an indication of support for emergency services in a reply to the request.