Robotic tossing of items in inventory system

Utility Patent Grant (B2)

July 17, 2018

Source: USPTO via Sqoop

Assignees: Amazon Technologies, Inc.

Inventors: Jeremiah David Brazeau, Andrew M. Sweeney, Henry David Garcia, Fred Chen, Brian Michael Lusignan

Robotic arms or manipulators can be used to toss inventory items within an inventory system. Tossing strategies for the robotic arms may include information about how a grasped item is to be moved and released by a robotic arm to achieve a trajectory for moving the item to a receiving location. A tossing strategy may also use a trajectory that avoids time and/or space reserved for a trajectory of another tossed item. The receiving location can include surfaces and/or other features that can be manipulated for receiving the item based on one or more characteristics of the tossed item and/or a trajectory of the tossed item.