How FedEx Ground is managing its exploding package delivery with PackageRoute

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Seattle startup helps FedEx Ground operators who handle 8.9M packages everyday

PackageRoute Inc, has developed technology to help FedEx Ground operators and drivers to addresses challenges they face in delivering packages to and from businesses and homes. It’s App is planned for release this fall.    

Every package shipped through FedEx Ground in North America is actually delivered by independent service providers who contract with FedEx. These contractors and the drivers who work for them, pickup and deliver packages across approximately fifty thousand routes every day. Unknown to many, this model of subcontracting is common practice in the last mile of package delivery logistics.

The PackageRoute app automatically updates, plots and organizes route data so it is easily accessible on their phones. Drivers can optimize their route stops by distance, traffic or package size. Managers can load balance their inbound deliveries and monitor their drivers throughout the day. The end benefit is streamlined operations so they can service more stops per hour in the last mile.

“The independent contractors have largely remained under-served in utilizing current smartphone technologies to manage their pickup and delivery operations,” said Pankaj Nauriyal, founder of PackageRoute. “The app addresses major pain points experienced by the contractors throughout their workday and helps bring efficiency, convenience and accountability to their operations.”

“Everybody wins.” said Tom Campbell, Managing Director at FedEx Ground. “Apps like PackageRoute help us add capacity to our delivery network while supporting our contractors to deliver superior service to the end customer.”

Growth in online retail sales over the recent years has fueled the number of packages being shipped everyday. Daily average volume of packages handled by FedEx Ground has increased yearly from 6.7M in 2014 to 8.9M in 2018. This trend has introduced new logistical challenges with daily and seasonal fluctuations in volume and geography of delivery stops. Although drones and self-driving robots may eventually be the saviors, that technology is not viable today.

There are several route planning and navigation apps, but PackageRoute is the first to seamlessly integrate with FedEx Ground route data for all its contractors. “This tight integration helps reduce costs and improve service, especially in residential deliveries.” says Pankaj Nauriyal.


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Born out of a need to help one FedEx Ground independent service provider, PackageRoute was founded in 2017 with a mission to help all service providers streamline their operations. As an approved vendor for FedEx Ground, PackageRoute technology seamlessly integrates with pickup and delivery data creating value through its App by empowering operators with up to the minute information about their operations. With PackageRoute, operators can prioritize their deliveries, optimize their routes and maximize their profits.

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