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Young girls lack role models in children's books that depict girls being interested in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM), so these parents created "STEAMTeam 5: The Beginning," a children's book that launched on Kickstarter today.

Monsoon Publishing today launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to publish STEAMTeam 5: The Beginning, a children's book aimed at empowering girls for careers in STEM/STEAM.

STEAMTeam 5: The Beginning is an adventure story about five characters -- Sandia Scientist, Treeka Technologist, Evelyn Engineer, Ariana Artist, and Mattie Mathematician -- who use their skills to do amazing things.

STEAMTeam 5: The Beginning - Children's Book

The book's authors, Greg Helmstetter and Pamela Metivier, embarked on the project for personal reasons. 

"When my daughter was born," said Helmstetter, "like all parents, I wondered what the world would be like when she grows up. Would she get the education she needs to be competitive in that world?" When Helmstetter noticed a lack of books and toys oriented to girls in STEM, he started making up his own stories to teach his daughter during directed playtime.

"When other parents heard about these stories I was telling my daughter," said Helmstetter, "they asked for copies to read to their own kids. That's when I asked Pam Metivier to join with me to help write and publish the stories to make them available for everyone."

Co-author Pam Metivier had her own personal reasons for publishing the book. "When Greg asked me to help him write and publish his amazing stories, I couldn't wait to get involved," said Metivier. "As a female co-founder of two Silicon Valley tech startups, I was well aware of the shortage of women in these fields. There are many structural reasons for the gender asymmetry, but one of the obvious solutions would seem to be hooking girls' interest while they're still very young and providing role models intended specifically for them. And not just girls -- we want boys to see girls in these roles, too."

STEAMTeam 5: The Beginning will be over 250 pages and full of color illustrations. The first half of the book tells each character's backstory. The second half shows how the girls came together to form STEAMTeam 5 and sets the stage for future, large-scale, epic adventures. 

"This book's basic concept is a perfect fit for crowdfunding," said Metivier, an online marketing expert. "We naturally expected some support from parents, educators, and girls-in-STEM advocates, but the response has far exceeded our expectations. With that kind of energy, Kickstarter is the perfect vehicle to help us launch not only a book, but the first volume of a series and a whole new character universe." 


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STEAMTeam5 is a book series about a team of five girls who use Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math to do amazing things!

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