Want $1,000? StuffHopper Expands Nationally to Let People Sell Stuff Hassle-Free

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StuffHopper is already the easiest way to sell no longer needed stuff (furniture, electronics, appliances, tools and sporting equipment.) With StuffHopper, you can sell almost anything at the tap of a button - with none of the hassles of doing it yourself. Now, for the first time StuffHopper is available nationwide.

The average American Household has $7,000 of unwanted stuff, according to research firm NPD. Not only does this stuff take up space in homes and garages around the country, but one in 11 households pays for self-storage space- often needlessly.

A company called StuffHopper takes the hassle out of selling this stuff, and in the process has enabled each of its users to effortlessly sell over $1,000, on average, of things they no longer need.

After helping customers in Seattle, StuffHopper’s home base, sell thousands of items to customers down the street and around the world over the past two years, the company is making its service available for the first time to households all around the country with StuffHopper:Express.

Here’s how it works:

1) Tell StuffHopper about your no longer needed items via the app (iPhone or Android) at www.stuffhopper.com

2) StuffHopper sends you a massive box with a pre-paid shipping label.

3) Simply fill the box to the brim with your items you’d like to sell and place it outside your door or at a leave it at a FedEx drop off. 

4) StuffHopper takes care of the rest: selling everything for top dollar and you get paid!

With StuffHopper:Express it’s now as easy to sell stuff as Amazon makes it to buy it. There are no out of pocket costs for using StuffHopper; the company only gets paid by splitting the proceeds when a customer’s items are sold.  StuffHopper is also able to get people top dollar for items by listing and cross listing them on all the best marketplaces – getting access to buyers all over the world. 

StuffHopper already makes it effortless to sell the widest range of household goods (furniture, electronics, tools, appliances, antiques and sporting equipment.)  With the launch of StuffHopper:Express, it means that regardless where you live, you no longer have to do the work of selling no longer needed stuff yourself. Think about it: no more posting and re-posting of items, haggling, strangers in your home, driving to meet buyers, or risks of fraud (or worse.) 

What kinds of stuff can be sold with StuffHopper:Express?  Pretty much anything that there is a selling market for and fits in the large box (20"x20"x48") provided by StuffHopper.  Things that sell best are recent electronics like smartphones and iPads, designer clothing and accessories, branded collectables and decorative items, and high quality small appliances and tools. Be sure to fill the box up. The more stuff that you send in, the more you'll make. 

Marie Kondo of the runaway bestselling hit, Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up says, "Keep only things that speak to your heart. Then take the plunge and discard the rest." With StuffHopper, it's even easier (and more environmentally responsible) to sell those things than to just throw them out or stash them in your closet.


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StuffHopper makes it effortless to sell no longer needed items. We do the work and you get paid!

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Adam Dreiblatt, CEO of StuffHopper, will be available October 28th - November 4th 8AM-7PM PST for a call to answer any questions. Email adam@stuffhopper.com to set up a time.