Follow Specific Federal Courts

Many of you have asked us for ways to conduct geographic-specific searches generally, and some of you have even expressed a desire to track new cases from a particular federal court specifically. We are actively working on general geographic search with an initial emphasis on SEC company filings. We will consider also adding the capability of finding court houses by their physical location, but in the interim, we’ve created lists of the federal courts with short-cut links to court-specific searches. If you would like to track all new cases from a specific court, click the link, then click Save this search at top left, to receive alerts for all new cases.

All known federal courts as of this writing are listed. Courts for which PACER does not grant us access to docket data are highlighted and without a link.

Some additional notes:

  • Like other court searches, dockets are shown in order of the published time of the first docket entry we receive, with the newest dockets first. With a saved search, you’ll receive only one alert for any given docket. If you find a new case docket interesting, you should sign-in and set a docket watch to receive alerts for new entries.

  • Currently the linked searches are just taking advantage of text search on the court code, e.g. CAND for Northern California District Court. This isn’t 100% reliable, since dockets from a different court could use an overlapping acronym. We will start handling these searches more specifically (and thus more accurately) if we find these are popular.

We hope this is useful to some of you. As always, keep the ideas and feedback coming. Thanks!

Update 2017-3-24: Moved lists to Available Federal Courts. Also filtering by court is now reliable via COURT:CODE scopes.