Refine Your Searches and Alerts with New Sqoop Filters

Today we’re releasing a new set of features intended to help you find what you’re looking for faster, and more narrowly refine the alerts you receive from Sqoop. We think this could save you time and also help you uncover news more easily.

Many of you have asked us how to refine your searches so you only see a certain kind of SEC filing, like a Form D, or patent applications instead of grants, or federal district cases without bankruptcy. Beginning today, you can do exactly that by utilizing a new set of filters we’ve added to the left sidebar of the search results page:

SEC filters

Patent kinds

Court types

For the SEC, because there are so many form types, we’ve grouped them into seven different categories, like Insiders which includes Forms 3, 4 and 5, and Reports which include 10-Q and 10-K. In the future, we may offer additional, narrower filters if we hear that is what you want.

The SEC form type filter can also be combined with the existing SEC company filters. For example, search for “solar” then narrow the results to SEC Events for Solar Power, Inc.:

Sidebar solar

Once you’ve narrowed your search to the desired documents, you can then save your search to receive alerts. This is an important point—where you may now receive immediate alerts for every Google filing including many Forms 4, you can now opt to receive alerts only for Events and Reports immediately and other form types like Insiders once per day or not at all.

We’ve also had a couple reporters tell us they are only interested in Patent Grants or Applications, so now Sqoop can deliver less cluttered search results and alerts for them. The same is true for federal court cases. Some things you should know to get started:

  • If, for example, you only want to see SEC registrations (i.e Forms S-1, S-3 used for public stock offerings, etc.), you will want to select both the SEC Filings filter and the Registrations filter. We don’t automatically filter to just SEC Filings when you select Registrations because users may also want to include the Form Type filters in searches which also include Patents and Fed. Cases.

  • For SEC results, you can not only refine by company entity as you have been since we introduced this feature in June, but now you can effectively deselect that company, by clicking on the ( company) link, while preserving the other filters. Further, you can deselect ( query) your initial text query altogether so that you see all Registrations filed most recently.

Additionally, we’ve added some new form types from the SEC including the 6-K, F-1 and F-3, which are disclosures from foreign entities trading on U.S. exchanges, and the 13G and amended variants, which are used to disclose ownership greater than 5 percent, for a new total of 57 forms that we track and index.

Let us know what you think of all this, and also what you’d like to see next, both in terms of features to help you find what you’re looking for in the data sources we track, as well as new data sources we could add to make your reporting jobs easier.