Link to Enhanced SEC Detail Pages

We’ve just released a major enhancement to SEC detail pages that benefits you as journalists and potentially your readership as well.

Previously Sqoop only provided links to the raw form and exhibit sub-documents as published on the SEC website. Now Sqoop embeds these sub-documents directly into the SEC detail pages. This enables more natural navigation and reading without loosing the larger context of the SEC filing as a whole. Below is an example of an 8-K filing with an exhibit opened (click to view live):


When using a modern web browser1 we adjust the browser window URL to reference the currently open sub-document. Like the example above, you can embed these URLs in your articles and readers will be taken to the detail page with the same sub-document open for viewing. You can use this to link to the most relevant sub-document while not losing the larger context.

Our SEC detail pages are now complete and much more useful than what is provided on the SEC website. For example compare the above to the SEC Index for the same filing. When referencing SEC filings we encourage you to link to the Sqoop SEC detail page as a source reference more usable for your readers. We intend to maintain free and permanent access to these pages for the public.

Note that when we introduced detail pages earlier this year, we also included better summary information than is available via the SEC website. For example, the GeekWire article As Amazon shares soar, Jeff Bezos unloads $534M in stock in his largest sale ever is based on and links to Sqoop’s Form 4 detail page. Compare our summary with the raw format, codes, and lack of dollar values and totals in the original form.

In the future we plan to similarly expand and generally improve patent and federal court docket detail pages.

  1. See compatibility chart ; Chrome, Firefox, Safari 6+, IE 10+