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Information is everything, particularly when you’re first. Sqoop gets you the business information you need without having to search a variety of public databases or subscribe to expensive research and analysis services. That’s why Sqoop is trusted by journalists in almost every newsroom in America, and many others around the globe.

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Full list of data sources and features

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Sqoop is trusted by some of the top brands in breaking news.
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Sqoop gives you market intelligence before it’s in the news, by taking you straight to the source: public records. Just like Wall Street, major law firms and intellectual property management tools have provided access to public records disclosures, Sqoop now gives you the same advantage for a fraction of the cost.

What does Sqoop do?

Sqoop aggregates information from public records sites, so far including the Securities and Exchange Commission, the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and the federal court system. We give you at-a-glance search results from all these data sources, and further, you can save those searches to receive email alerts when new matching documents are published.

Basically, Sqoop is a lightweight version of Bloomberg, Lexis-Nexis and intellectual property management software—all combined into one easy-to-use and inexpensive service.

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Sqoop’s heritage is in journalism, specifically helping reporters gain access to the information necessary to break news or do investigative reporting. Last year, Sqoop was named one of the most innovative startups in news worldwide by the Global Editors Network, and overall winner in the data journalism category.

We’re the source behind many of the headlines you likely read each week: Amazon executive stock sales, Google self-driving car innovations, as well as class action, fraud, bankruptcy and other court actions involving major corporations, celebrities and prominent politicians.

Along the way, we learned that many business users want the same information, but lack the tools necessary to unearth insights from these records without exorbitant fees.

What are people using Sqoop for?

Business intelligence Industry analysts Corporate investigations Financial service professionals
Intellectual property management Real estate Advertising, marketing and public relations Lawyers and law firms
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