Standard Industrial Classification

The Standard Industrial Classification or SIC is used by the SEC to classify companies based on a primary industrial topic. The individual four digit SIC codes may also be grouped into major groups (by two digit prefix) and then into larger divisions (lettered). See OSHA's SIC Division Structure for a web navigable form of this hierarchy. The SEC takes some liberties by occasionally using a 4-digit code zero-padded from a major or minor group, to classify anything which does not otherwise fall into any more specific industry code it has decided to use. For example: 1000 Metal Mining is derived from the major group 10: Metal Mining. A related concept is the use of "Not Elsewhere Classified", abbreviated as "NEC" by the SEC and below.

The following lists the divisions, major groups, and individual SIC codes and names which may be used to filter SEC filings. To avoid repetition, only the useful major groups which contain at least two SIC codes used by the SEC are shown.

If you would to search SEC documents by company SIC classification, click the links below or search by SIC:CODE.

A. Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing

B. Mining

C. Construction

D. Manufacturing

E. Transportation, Communications, Electric, Gas and Sanitary Services

F. Wholesale Trade

G. Retail Trade

H. Finance, Insurance and Real Estate

I. Services