Available Federal Courts

All known federal courts are listed below. Courts for which PACER does not grant us access to docket data are highlighted and without a link, or with a link to district courts for which we only have the associated DOJ Attorney’s Office releases. If you would like to track all new cases from a specific court, click the link or search by COURT:CODE and save the search to receive alerts.

Update 2017-8-2: Noted availability of DOJ Attorney’s office releases associated with all district courts.

Update 2016-1-25: Added Guam, N. Mariana, Rhode Island Bankruptcy (missing) Courts and Montana District Court (missing) to respective lists.

Update 2016-6-9: Added Minnesota and S. Mississippi District Courts (now available) and several more known missing courts.

Update 2016-8-22: Rhode Island Bankruptcy Court is now available.

Federal District Courts

Code Court Name
AKD Alaska District Court
ALMD Middle Alabama District Court
ALND Northern Alabama District Court
ALSD Southern Alabama District Court
ARED Eastern Arkansas District Court
ARWD Western Arkansas District Court
AZD Arizona District Court
CACD Central California District Court
CAED Eastern California District Court
CAND Northern California District Court
CASD Southern California District Court
COD Colorado District Court
CTD Connecticut District Court
DCD D.C. District Court
DED Delaware District Court
FLMD Middle Florida District Court
FLND Northern Florida District Court
FLSD Southern Florida District Court
GAMD Middle Georgia District Court
GAND Northern Georgia District Court
GASD Southern Georgia District Court
GUD Guam District Court
HID Hawaii District Court
IAND Northern Iowa District Court
IASD Southern Iowa District Court
IDD Idaho District Court
ILCD Central Illinois District Court
ILND Northern Illinois District Court
ILSD Southern Illinois District Court
INND Northern Indiana District Court
INSD Southern Indiana District Court
KSD Kansas District Court
KYED Eastern Kentucky District Court
KYWD Western Kentucky District Court
LAED Eastern Louisiana District Court
LAMD Middle Louisiana District Court
LAWD Western Louisiana District Court
MAD Massachusetts District Court
MDD Maryland District Court
MED Maine District Court
MIED Eastern Michigan District Court
MIWD Western Michigan District Court
MND Minnesota District Court
MOED Eastern Missouri District Court
MOWD Western Missouri District Court
MSND Northern Mississippi District Court
MSSD Southern Mississippi District Court
MTD Montana District Court
NCED Eastern North Carolina District Court
NCMD Middle North Carolina District Court
NCWD Western North Carolina District Court
NDD North Dakota District Court
NED Nebraska District Court
NHD New Hampshire District Court
NJD New Jersey District Court
NMD New Mexico District Court
NMID Northern Mariana District Court
NVD Nevada District Court
NYED Eastern New York District Court
NYND Northern New York District Court
NYSD Southern New York District Court
NYWD Western New York District Court
OHND Northern Ohio District Court
OHSD Southern Ohio District Court
OKED Eastern Oklahoma District Court
OKND Northern Oklahoma District Court
OKWD Western Oklahoma District Court
ORD Oregon District Court
PAED Eastern Pennsylvania District Court
PAMD Middle Pennsylvania District Court
PAWD Western Pennsylvania District Court
PRD Puerto Rico District Court
RID Rhode Island District Court
SCD South Carolina District Court
SDD South Dakota District Court
TNED Eastern Tennessee District Court
TNMD Middle Tennessee District Court
TNWD Western Tennessee District Court
TXED Eastern Texas District Court
TXND Northern Texas District Court
TXSD Southern Texas District Court
TXWD Western Texas District Court
UTD Utah District Court
VAED Eastern Virginia District Court
VAWD Western Virginia District Court
VID Virgin Islands District Court
VTD Vermont District Court
WAED Eastern Washington District Court
WAWD Western Washington District Court
WIED Eastern Wisconsin District Court
WIWD Western Wisconsin District Court
WVND Northern West Virginia District Court
WVSD Southern West Virginia District Court
WYD Wyoming District Court

Federal Bankruptcy Courts

Code Court Name
AKB Alaska Bankruptcy Court
ALMB Middle Alabama Bankruptcy Court
ALNB Northern Alabama Bankruptcy Court
ALSB Southern Alabama Bankruptcy Court
AREB Eastern Arkansas Bankruptcy Court
ARWB Western Arkansas Bankruptcy Court
AZB Arizona Bankruptcy Court
CACB Central California Bankruptcy Court
CAEB Eastern California Bankruptcy Court
CANB Northern California Bankruptcy Court
CASB Southern California Bankruptcy Court
COB Colorado Bankruptcy Court
CTB Connecticut Bankruptcy Court
DCB D.C. Bankruptcy Court
DEB Delaware Bankruptcy Court
FLMB Middle Florida Bankruptcy Court
FLNB Northern Florida Bankruptcy Court
FLSB Southern Florida Bankruptcy Court
GAMB Middle Georgia Bankruptcy Court
GANB Northern Georgia Bankruptcy Court
GASB Southern Georgia Bankruptcy Court
GUB Guam Bankruptcy Court
HIB Hawaii Bankruptcy Court
IANB Northern Iowa Bankruptcy Court
IASB Southern Iowa Bankruptcy Court
IDB Idaho Bankruptcy Court
ILCB Central Illinois Bankruptcy Court
ILNB Northern Illinois Bankruptcy Court
ILSB Southern Illinois Bankruptcy Court
INNB Northern Indiana Bankruptcy Court
INSB Southern Indiana Bankruptcy Court
KSB Kansas Bankruptcy Court
KYEB Eastern Kentucky Bankruptcy Court
KYWB Western Kentucky Bankruptcy Court
LAEB Eastern Louisiana Bankruptcy Court
LAMB Middle Louisiana Bankruptcy Court
LAWB Western Louisiana Bankruptcy Court
MAB Massachusetts Bankruptcy Court
MDB Maryland Bankruptcy Court
MEB Maine Bankruptcy Court
MIEB Eastern Michigan Bankruptcy Court
MIWB Western Michigan Bankruptcy Court
MNB Minnesota Bankruptcy Court
MOEB Eastern Missouri Bankruptcy Court
MOWB Western Missouri Bankruptcy Court
MSNB Northern Mississippi Bankruptcy Court
MSSB Southern Mississippi Bankruptcy Court
MTB Montana Bankruptcy Court
NCEB Eastern North Carolina Bankruptcy Court
NCMB Middle North Carolina Bankruptcy Court
NCWB Western North Carolina Bankruptcy Court
NDB North Dakota Bankruptcy Court
NEB Nebraska Bankruptcy Court
NHB New Hampshire Bankruptcy Court
NJB New Jersey Bankruptcy Court
NMB New Mexico Bankruptcy Court
NMIB Northern Mariana Bankruptcy Court
NVB Nevada Bankruptcy Court
NYEB Eastern New York Bankruptcy Court
NYNB Northern New York Bankruptcy Court
NYSB Southern New York Bankruptcy Court
NYWB Western New York Bankruptcy Court
OHNB Northern Ohio Bankruptcy Court
OHSB Southern Ohio Bankruptcy Court
OKEB Eastern Oklahoma Bankruptcy Court
OKNB Northern Oklahoma Bankruptcy Court
OKWB Western Oklahoma Bankruptcy Court
ORB Oregon Bankruptcy Court
PAEB Eastern Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Court
PAMB Middle Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Court
PAWB Western Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Court
PRB Puerto Rico Bankruptcy Court
RIB Rhode Island Bankruptcy Court
SCB South Carolina Bankruptcy Court
SDB South Dakota Bankruptcy Court
TNEB Eastern Tennessee Bankruptcy Court
TNMB Middle Tennessee Bankruptcy Court
TNWB Western Tennessee Bankruptcy Court
TXEB Eastern Texas Bankruptcy Court
TXNB Northern Texas Bankruptcy Court
TXSB Southern Texas Bankruptcy Court
TXWB Western Texas Bankruptcy Court
UTB Utah Bankruptcy Court
VAEB Eastern Virginia Bankruptcy Court
VAWB Western Virginia Bankruptcy Court
VIB Virgin Islands Bankruptcy Court
VTB Vermont Bankruptcy Court
WAEB Eastern Washington Bankruptcy Court
WAWB Western Washington Bankruptcy Court
WIEB Eastern Wisconsin Bankruptcy Court
WIWB Western Wisconsin Bankruptcy Court
WVNB Northern West Virginia Bankruptcy Court
WVSB Southern West Virginia Bankruptcy Court
WYB Wyoming Bankruptcy Court

Other Federal Courts

Our access to the appellate courts is quite limited, with no rationale given by PACER for certain circuit courts but not others being available.

Code Court Name
CA1 The First Circuit Court of Appeals
CA2 The Second Circuit Court of Appeals
CA3 The Third Circuit Court of Appeals
CA4 The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals
CA5 The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals
CA6 The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals
CA7 The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals
CA8 The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals
CA9 The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
CA10 The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals
CA11 The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals
CADC D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals
CAFC Federal Circuit Court of Appeals
CIT International Trade Court
COFC Court of Federal Claims
- The Supreme Court