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Sqoop saves you time and makes sure you don’t miss the story by giving you one place to search for company information, rather than spending hours each week conducting the same repetitive searches across a variety of public data sites. You can set alerts so that when new documents are filed, we’ll alert you how and when you want.


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Introducing Advertising on Sqoop

This week, we will test a form of advertising and sponsorship on Sqoop. Most of you are veteran business journalists who understand that no company can live indefinitely without revenue. read more

Hiding in plain sight: the problem with federal court data

Last week a federal judge in Northern California ruled that four major technology companies would pay more than 64,000 current and former employees $415 million dollars . Who are these tech giants, you ask? You’d never know from the limited amount of data the federal court system provides free of charge: read more

Link to Enhanced SEC Detail Pages

We’ve just released a major enhancement to SEC detail pages that benefits you as journalists and potentially your readership as well. read more

Company Insiders Who've Sold the Most Stock this Year

When you think of people making the most money on the sale of their company’s stock, you might expect to see the likes of Bill Gates and Larry Page, but in reality the vast majority of insiders who have sold stock so far this year work for investment firms with major stakes in those companies. read more

What's included so far?

  • Continuous collection of USPTO Patent applications and grants as they are published

  • Continuous collection of SEC filings, currently with support for 49 of the most important types (forms D, 3, 4, 5, S-1, 8-K, 10-Q, 10-K, etc.)

  • New! Continuous collection of PACER federal court docket and entry metadata (titles, document links, etc.)

  • Real-time structured and full-text indexing for search

  • Saved searches with configurable email alerts for new documents that match

What's next?

  • New sources such as Trademarks, FCC, FDA, etc.

  • Finding and filtering on specific companies, filing and patent types

  • Filtering by industry, geography, and/or topical classifications

  • Relevancy improvements for search and alerts

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